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Home Baking Returns To British Kitchens PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mintel   
02 Nov 2006

Whisking up a frenzy as home baking makes a return to the British kitchen

Latest research from MINTEL sees Britain turning into a nation of Jane Ashers and Nigellas as Brits demand a slice of the home baking action. In the last five years alone sales of home baking products* have risen by a massive 25% to reach £429 million this year. What is more, over the next 5 years MINTEL expects the market to grow by an estimated 28% to reach almost £550 million by 2011, crashing through the half billion pound mark as soon as 2009.

"There appears to be a certain nostalgia and sentiment associated with home baking, as it is something people remember from days gone by. The home baking sector has clearly experienced something of a revival, despite the image of 21st Century consumers being time-pressed, convenience food devotees," comments Vivianne Ihekweazu, senior market analyst at MINTEL.

"The government's initiative to introduce cooking lessons into all schools by September 2008, should help market growth and ensure that school leavers are able to pass on cooking skills to the next generation. The current popularity of home baking looks set to continue, but the market will need ongoing investment by suppliers in new products to maintain the high levels of interest." she adds.

In the mix

Today, almost half of shoppers are baking from scratch, with cakes proving to be the most popular option. But the vogue for home baking has undoubtedly been helped by easy to use home baking products such as cake and flour mixes and ready made pastry.

Whether it is a traditional fruit cake or a Victoria Sponge, nothing beats a slice of homemade cake with your afternoon tea. And although consumers who use cake mixes may not necessarily be cooking from scratch, they are clearly still getting involved in a home baking experience as opposed to simply buying cakes off the shelf. Indeed, sales of mixes have been selling like hot cakes, having grown by an impressive 34% between 2001 and 2006, compared to just 8% growth in the shop bought cakes market.

Brits want to have their cake and eat it!

Another factor which has benefited the home baking market has been the trend towards premium ingredients. Despite the focus on healthy eating, consumers are looking for indulgent and luxurious products to use in home baking and suppliers are responding with the launch of more premium raw ingredients and baking mixes.

"As many consumers are tending to bake for special occasions, they are less concerned about watching the calories, but opt for the best quality ingredients available. They take pride in having baked and appreciate the freshness of the fruits of their labour. As such, sales of premium quality ingredients are likely to continue to thrive," comments Vivianne Ihekweazu.

* Dried fruit, Flour, Culinary nuts, Cake decorations, Baking mixes, Frozen/chilled dough/pastry, Glacé fruit, Flavourings/ additives/baking spices, Cooking chocolate, Suet, Yeast

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