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Written by Anderson Analytics   
21 Nov 2006

Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox, Very Much a College Lifestyle

According to the latest study by Anderson Analytic’s GenX2Z, with the release of PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii this weekend, all three major next-gen gaming consoles are now in fierce competition. And among one of the most important markets, the college market, where only 26 percent of students report not playing video games, both men and women eagerly await the releases.

Stamford, CT – November 21, 2006 – With the release of PlayStation 3 on November 17 and the release of Nintendo Wii on November 19, this weekend marks the first time Xbox 360 will have to compete with the other two major next-gen gaming consoles. One of the groups most eagerly awaiting the release are college students.

Anderson Analytics’ division asked 1,000 colleges students about their habits, spending and preferences in regard to gaming. Video games continue to be a major activity among students, with only 26 percent of students reporting not to play video games.

Among the previous generation consoles, PlayStation 2 has the largest share with 28 percent of the students reporting owning the system, followed by Xbox with 17 percent and GameCube with 12 percent.

To get an idea of how the 2006 holiday season would affect market share GenX2Z asked whether students already own or plan to purchase a next-gen console. The 3 major consoles are commanded similar favorability. 12 percent of students plan to purchase PlayStation 3, 11 percent said that they either own or plan to buy an Xbox 360, and 8 percent are interested in Nintendo Wii. Though GenX2Z anticipates the significant differences in price may somewhat favor the Nintendo Wii as students consider the differences.

Though the gaming console war is the main focus during this holiday rush, and online capability is one of the required features of next-gen gaming consoles, only 34 percent of the students report playing games online. What’s more, among gamers, half report most frequently playing PC games, not consoles.

Overall, the most popular online gaming site is Yahoo! Games; and the most popular type of online game is online poker.  In terms of other game favorites, the World of Warcraft is the most frequently mentioned online game. And surprisingly, among the shooter genre, after almost a decade, Counter-Strike remains more popular than more polished and modern iterations of the genre such as the Battlefield games and Halo.

Overall, 83 percent of the gamers report only playing 6 hours or less per week. However, there are significant differences between gender. While only 8 percent of the female gamers report playing more than 6 hours a week, compared to 25 percent of male gamers. Among the more devoted, only 1 percent of female gamers report playing over 10 hours a week compared to 8 percent of male gamers.

Regardless of how the console wars play out, one thing is clear, gaming remains an important part of the college experience for not only men, but for women as well.

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